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Finding the Real History

compass on history logo

Let’s face it: most history lessons are super boring. They are just masses of dates, numbers, places and people. Why should you care about the history of the Aboriginal people? And why should you know the name Henrietta Dugdale? The answer is simple: because without our history we would not exist as we are today. And note that Ms Dugdale formed the first suffrage society in 1884, launching the movement.

Teacher and Art Student In A Classroom At School

Ancient history can be the most difficult to tackle, so try to make it come alive by using different art projects.

Elementary students listening to female teacher in school classroom

Role playing can make history more of a reality by taking it out of the distant past and into the present.

Memorials to all the fallen soldiers and sailors from Allied forces that fought in Gallipoli campaign in First World War

Try to evoke feelings about those who gave their lives, especially in the World Wars, to make history mean more.